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    Modern library for your team

    We recommend the best books for you and deliver them based on a low-cost subscription offered by you as an employer. The companion app turns reading a book into a fun and educational experience with a peer group, quizzes, and a certificate.
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Reading reborn

Reading real books, powered by your smartphone. Now you can read the right books in the right way, truly learn, not to mention meeting the authors and cool folks from your professional field. 
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Perks for growth & for fun

Booke Library works as a corporate benefit and is adopted by your L&D or HR team and included in the learning and development programs of your organization.

Book Recommendations

We recommend the best books based on employees' needs.

Learning Experience

The companion app makes a great fun and learning experience out of reading them.

Office & Home Delivery

We deliver the books to an employee's home or your office.


Browse the book recommendations list and add your picks to the queue.


We mail books from your queue upon availability. Free shipping.


Keep them as long as you want. There are no due dates or late fees.


Return in the postage-paid return mailer and get new one from the queue.

The smart way to find & read a book

After thoroughly researching what professionals as readers most want, we have designed a system that makes the most significant difference in the shortest amount of time. This combination of group support, direct authors teaching, and progress tracking plus rewards create the best results for active readers.



Get notified about Edu Editions of badass nonfiction. Scan QR code on the cover of a book, or click the unique link shared with you, or select a book in the companion app.



Just by scanning the QR code or clicking a link, you can connect with an author and subscribe to the author's mailing list and follow the author on social media platforms.



Receive a unique value. Use the companion app to turn your book into an Edu Edition, or use it to earn points you can redeem for books from your wish list.

​The companion app

Get access to the companion app where you will get the most out of reading each book and connect with an author and other readers. The app will help nudge you forward at a pace that is right for you. To store & annotate the best parts easily and revisit them later. To stay motivated, get support, and be in touch with a community of curious and open to new ideas people, who help each other turn book-inspired insights into real action.

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Featured in

Booke, is a technology developer revolutionizing the way we interact with printed books. Reading printed books with the functionalities of digital publications, is what Booke provides. Booke shows that social reading is not necessarily limited to the ebook, but also can perfectly fit the paper.
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What is Edu Edition?

What is Edu Edition?

It is a regular, physical book paired with a companion app. Getting excited about reading the right books isn't nice to have. It's a crucial step in pushing your growth forward. Deciding on what to read next can be elusive. By joining Booke, you will get access to the companion app that gives you book recommendations and enhances the value of a physical book by delivering an educational experience with a peer group, quizzes, live Q&A sessions with an author, and an author endorsed certificate.

Is it for me?

Is it for me?

Booke is an education, not just reading. It is engagement, personalization, and a peer group. Booke is for finding books in your areas of interest, being recognized for your expertise, and connecting with others. It is for finding books and people in niches you want to learn about, powered by expert rank, not popularity.

How points work?

How points work?

As a member, you can earn points for qualified activities, which you can redeem for books from your wish list.