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Booke is a curated member community. Your Premium Membership provides you with concierge-level customer service, taking away the tedious task of developing a mailing list to concentrate on what you do best – writing!

By joining now, you can become a premium member for the cost of the self-serve Basic Membership. As a Premium Member, we will enable you to present your book and expertise to hundreds of readers directly and allow them to order your book and start following you, and subscribe to your email list with one-click. And if we do not, we will refund your dues.

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Attract ideal readers and turn them into followers

You are well aware that good writing doesn’t sell itself.  You know you need a flexible and reliable platform to reach your current readers and find new audiences.  The size and reach of your mailing list are critical, your most valuable asset for generating income. You may also want to develop multiple revenue streams, where a large and growing marketing list helps you promote your products and services to your audience.

Get discovered

Connect with complementary authors and let them share your work with their existing audiences. Now relax and see your email list and followers growing.

Boost conversion

Let the book itself create a following. Booke generates a unique QR code for every book so it can convert book buyers into subscribers, fans, and customers.

The smart way to promote & sale book

Sales and marketing campaigns may generate one time sales but don’t necessarily generate a long term fan base for future sales. Joining Booke can solve that problem. Our platform is designed to create lasting relationships with readers and build new ones through our cross-curated authors community.



For any behavior to occur, a trigger must be present. Get a QR code to put on the cover of a book and marketing collaterals. Get unique links and widgets to share with subscribers of the complementary authors.



By simply scanning the QR code or clicking a link, readers can subscribe to your mailing list, follow you on your social media platforms, and share their status concerning your book. Now you can know not only how many copies you have sold but also who bought them.



Make scanning QR code and clicking a link irresistible and offer readers unique value. Choose an option that will work for you. Use Booke to turn your book into an Edu Edition. Or use Booke to provide points readers can redeem for books from their wish lists.

​Long-term goals

Being a successful author requires a long-term game plan. For most authors, a single book will never be a sole source of income.  You need to consider a strategic approach to build your brand. You won’t be able to do that unless you proactively work to grow your mailing list. Joining Booke today will you accomplish that goal.

Featured in

Booke, is a technology developer revolutionizing the way we interact with printed books. Reading printed books with the functionalities of digital publications, is what Booke provides. Booke shows that social reading is not necessarily limited to the ebook, but also can perfectly fit the paper.
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What is Edu Edition?

What is Edu Edition?

Getting early adopters on board and excited about reading your book is not something nice to have. It is a crucial step in pushing your work forward into a broader book-buying market. Early readers are hard to please. They will want to know that the book is cutting-edge, innovative, and is pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the given field. By joining Booke, you enhance the value of your book by pairing it with a companion app that turns your book into an educational experience with a peer group, quizzes and live Q&A sessions with an author, and an author endorsed certificate.

Is it for me?

Is it for me?

Booke is for any author who realizes her/his book is just one brick needed to build a foundation for their expertise, who have more than one book available or another product or service in addition to books. These authors look at their books as leverage and understand the value of building a brand long-term.

How does cross-promotion work?

How does cross-promotion work?

Subscribe to updates for your chosen niche. Anytime an author sets up a new promotion, you will receive a notification. It is your opportunity to offer a unique value in return for joining your mailing list. In case you cannot find a promotion to participate in, host and run your own. Invite other authors to collaborate with you.